Rising Shadow: A Pantheon Guild

Apr 17

April Newsletter released

Apr 19

March news letter had far more exciting subject matter. I look forward to the May news letter.

I watched the developers comments during the last sorta Q & A. Making a new website, I see this as a great sign. Of course they are also in my option going to push physical merchandise from this website. They were admitate about the security of the site and all. I am hoping this is the a major stepping stone. They mentioned as well the new URL was also to be extremely organized. They hinted towards making the site very accessible for player feedback! I know we still are a long ways away but my mind logically tells me they getting ready! Now if they could fix the pledges!

New Posts
  • All this classic WoW has only fueled my excitement for PROTF. I feel as though this month will be the announcement for the final pre-alpha and sources to watch some content. This year has been on the dry side for stream action and I could use some content to wet my whistle.
  • In our last guild meeting one of the subjects was our social media footprint including streaming. As I'm interested in being one of our guild streamers, I went and acquired the proper gear. I figured it would be smart to learn the ropes and try to build up some followers. I've begun streaming today on Gears 5 and primarily WoW Classic. Tomorrow my camera will arrive and I will get that working as well. I'd like as much feed back from you all as I can get. So please come follow my stream and let me know what bells and whistles I should get and how I can improve. https://www.twitch.tv/grittygamingstream Thanks Rising Shadow
  • Will Classic WoW take old school MMO enthusiasts from Pantheon or fuel their desire for more old fashion style MMOs like Pantheon? Myself I've only gained more excitement for Pantheon while having a blast with Classic. Meanwhile my roommate who was excited for Pantheon has lost interest.