Rising Shadow: A Pantheon Guild

Apr 19

PSA - Are you bored with your time right now...



Are you bored with your time right now…are you tired of routine evenings after a long hard day of work?

Toss aside that house work and daily chores for a more colorful activity!  If you enjoy exploring new lands while riding on your T-Rex, overcoming challenging encounters, and creatively designing your estate, come join us on a private PVE Ark Server to help pass along the idle times.

Please post in this thread if you are interested.


Apr 22

I play on this server and I gotta say this is a lot of fun, because of both the game and the people. We have a lot of fun. If you've never experience ARK before you should really try it out. We're just a week or so into a new map so we're still in the early stages of advancement but we'll help you catch up. You can even crash on our couches as you build your own base or, if you'd rather not do that, you can live with one of us in our bases.

Apr 22

Downloading now, server info or anything I need to know?

Hi Torva! I will message you the info.

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  • In our last guild meeting one of the subjects was our social media footprint including streaming. As I'm interested in being one of our guild streamers, I went and acquired the proper gear. I figured it would be smart to learn the ropes and try to build up some followers. I've begun streaming today on Gears 5 and primarily WoW Classic. Tomorrow my camera will arrive and I will get that working as well. I'd like as much feed back from you all as I can get. So please come follow my stream and let me know what bells and whistles I should get and how I can improve. https://www.twitch.tv/grittygamingstream Thanks Rising Shadow
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